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The Herridge Collection - Somerset

** some of the births listed here could be baptisms, especially in Leigh on Mendip.

** DWELLY’s Slip Index – at Taunton Record Office – the nos. on the right are volume
& page refs. to the Wells Transcripts.

Albert Frederick b. Austin & Sarah Ann May 23, 1874 Leigh on Mendip(?)
Albert Frederick b. s/o Bertie James & Louisa Sep.9, 1916 Frome
Albert Frederick died May 14, 1929 Leigh on Mendip(?)
Albert Frederick mar. Phyllis Mary Le SUEUR Jul.20, 1946 Bath
Countess of Huntingdon Church
Albert Frederick d. Aug.21, 1981 Frome(?)

Alfred b. s/o Joseph Silas & Ann Mar.16, 1824 Leigh-on-Mendip

Anne (HARRIDGE)  M         Daniel DYER Feb.16, 1702   Kilve
Anne (spin. otp)  M  Jeremiah RUSSELL (bach., of Bathford)  Jan.3, 1784
by Banns,   Walcot, St. Swithuns
Ann     M         Thomas WHITE          Feb.4, 1826     Wincanton
Ann     M         Henry PARFITT         Jan.23, 1831    Bruton

Ann Backhouse           C         ?          Jan.19, 1806    Berkley
(DWELLY’s Index 9/103)

Austin mar. Sarah Ann ROGERS   ??  Leigh on Mendip(?)
Austin b. Joseph Silas & Ann Jun.15, 1837 Leigh on Mendip(?)
Austin died aged 9 months Joseph Silas & Ann 1838 Leigh on Mendip(?)
Austin b. Joseph Silas & Ann Jul.29, 1839 Leigh on Mendip(?)
Austin died Joseph Silas & Ann Jun.21, 1928 Leigh on Mendip(?)

Barnard H.                  Churchwarden                  1811          Alford
(DWELLY’s Index 4/62)

Bertie Alfred b. Austin & Emma Jan.21, 1882 Leigh on Mendip(?)
Bertie Alfred died Austin & Emma Jul.1, 1883 Leigh on Mendip(?)


Bertie James b. Austin & Emma Mar.9, 1885 Leigh on Mendip(?)
Bertie James mar. Louisa BARTON Jul.30, 1910 Primitive Chapel, Frome

Charity 1881  Census  Tout Hill, Wincanton
w/o Charles 65 b. North Cadbury    (RG11/2398/39)
Charles                        Return of Owners of Land           1873         
Address of Owner - Horsington
Extent of Lands - 5a 3r 19p
Gross Estimated Rental - £14 3s
Charles                        Return of Owners of Land           1873
Address of Owner - Whitstone, Doulting
75a 2r 28p - £123 17s
Charles                        Return of Owners of Land           1873
Address of Owner - Wincanton
56a 1r 31p - £129 18s    (see Dorset also)
Charles  1881 Census  Tout Hill, Wincanton
head m 69 retired farmer b. Wincanton
Charity wife m 65 b. North Cadbury
Mary BEACHER dau wid 41 formerly draper b. West Pennard
John                “     g.son 10 scholar b. Wincanton
James E.          “    g.son  9         “    b.         “
Eleanor E.       “    g.dau  7         “    b.         “
Samuel V.       “    g.son  5          “    b.         “
Katherine L.    “    g.dau  4          “    b.         “    (RG11/2398/39)

Dinah (spin., otp) M Henry WEARE (otp)(by Banns) Apr.7, 1833 Charlton Horethorne

Dorothy Irene b. Bertie James & Louisa May 7, 1913 Primitive Chapel, Frome(?)
Dorothy Irene mar. George ORES/UREN(?)     ??    Frome

Eliza    M         Robert BEBBY          Apr.3, 1837     Bath, St. James

Elizabeth (HEDDITCH)         M         William MUNDAY    Jan.2, 1825      Kilmington

Emma (HEDDITCH)  C  George + Ann Mar.1, 1821 Wincanton, Mill Street Independent

Fanny died Apr.6, 1904 Leigh on Mendip(?)

Frances    1851 Census   Battleborough, South Brent
w/o John 66 b. Lympsham    (HO107/1936 fol 296)

George (HEADEACH) (Gent., wid., full age, s/o Thomas, Gent.) M 
Elizabeth PALMER (sp. full age d/o Thomas, Major in Army) 
(both of Henrietta Street) (wits: Charles T. R. DEWI + Grace PALMER)   
May 16, 1861 Bathwick Parish Church

Grace (spin. otp) M Raymond JONES (bach. otp) by Banns   Jul.26, 1777 
Walcot, St. Mary’s Chapel
Grace (spin. otp) M Thomas PEACOCK (wid. otp) by Banns  Apr.15, 1797           Wincanton

Hannah (HERRITAGE) M    Joseph HEATH Sep.10, 1804 Frome Selwood
Hannah            M         George GREEN          Jan.22, 1810    Alford

Hannah H.       M         ?? (DWELLY’s Index 4/60)   Jan.22, 1819    Alford
(same as Jan.22, 1810 - Hannah?)

Henry (bach., of Marston Bigot) M Sarah BACKHOUSE by Banns
Apr.15, 1811           Evercreech
Henry  - Will   of Frome (Selwood), carrier    Oct.8, 1827
mentions mother (still alive), wife Sarah + children (no names).
Wit: Charlotte HERRIDGE.  (602 DD/ED box 76)

Hester b. Joseph Silas & Ann Feb.16, 1830 Leigh on Mendip(?)

James (HERAGE)      C         John + Jane     Jan.6, 1805      Beckington
James   M         Mary POPLE, of Buckland Newton, Dorset Jun.24, 1823   Wincanton
James b. Joseph Silas & Ann Jul.15, 1825 Leigh on Mendip

Jane     C         John + Jane     Ju;.5, 1807       Beckington
Jane b. Joseph Silas & Ann Jan.31, 1832 Leigh on Mendip(?)
Jane died d/o Joseph Silas & Ann c.1908 Nunney

John (HERIDGE)       M         Jane WEST     Mar.1, 1804     Beckington
John     C         ? (DWELLY’s Index 9/102)  Sep.15, 1805   Berkley
John (of Gillingham, Dorset)  M         Frances HICKS          Apr.13, 1814   Brean
John     M         Mary HODDINOTT   Aug.8, 1826    Nunney
John           (soj)           M         Sarah PLUMMER      Aug.30, 1830  Kilmersdon
John   1851 Census  Battleborough, South Brent
head m 63 landed proprietor born Motcombe, Dorset
Frances wife 66 born Lympsham
John H. BALL grandson 5 born Taunton  (HO107/1936 fol 296)
John b. s/o Albert Frederick & Phyllis Nov.10, 1949 Bath

Joseph Silas mar. Fanny  ?? Leigh on Mendip(?)
Joseph Silas b. Holwell/Nunney(?) Jan.22, 18??
Joseph Silas M            Ann FUNNER              May 26, 1823            Nunney
Joseph Silas b. Joseph Silas & Ann Sep.2, 1836 Leigh on Mendip(?)

Lillian Ann b. Jul.25, 1876 Leigh on Mendip(?)
Lillian Ann died Apr.23, 1877 Leigh on Mendip(?)

Lilly Ann b. Austin & Emma Jul.18, 1883 Leigh on Mendip(?)
Lilly Ann mar. Edger Herbert Hail MOORE Jul.20, 1906 Primitive Chapel, Frome

Mary (HERRIAGE)   Burial  infant d/o John + Jane Nov.9, 1811    Beckington
Mary (HEDDITCH)  C  George + Ann Dec.6, 1816 Wincanton, Mill Street Independent
Mary (HEDDICH)  C  William + Sarah Oct.30, 1825           Wincanton, Mill Street independent
Mary    C         Jno. + Frances May 13, 1820  Banwell, Wesleyan

Mary Ann        M         James READ  Apr.9, 1817     S. Cadbury
(wits. Charles CHAMBERLAIN + Mary (x) HANHAM)

Mary Isabella b. Joseph Silas & Ann Sep.28, 1827 Leigh on Mendip(?)

Nancy (HURRIDGE) M         John WATTS  Oct.12, 1790   Congresbury

Peter Alan b. s/o Albert Frederick & Phyllis Aug.8, 1947 Frome

Prudence         M         Thomas PITMAN       Aug.31, 1822  Wincanton

Robert - Will   - of Frome (Selwood)             Dec.7, 1808
Carrier and dealer. Mentions daughters Ann + Charlotte, wife Eleaner +
sons (not named) (491 DD/ED box 6)

Ronald John, Spr., 2063303 204 Field Coy., Royal Engineers, died Oct.6, 1944, 27 yrs.,
S/o James & Helen of Batheaston, Somerset. Bur. Jonkeribos War Cemetery,
Nijmegen, Netherlands, plot 7 row c grave no.2.

Sarah   1851 Census   6 Angells Lane, Batheaston
age 21 servant born Monkton Combe
Sarah (d/o Henry, gamekeeper) M  John MINTY Aug.28, 1853 Walcot, St. Swithins
(“Independents” written on marriage certificate)
Sarah   M         Edward Norton MULLINS   Oct.27, 1870  Wincanton Parish Church

Sarah Ann died Aug.10, 1877 Leigh on Mendip(?)

Silas – Will - of Nunney - thatcher     Aug.31, 1836
Mentions wife Mary, sons Joseph, John + Stephen, grandson Alfred HERRIDGE
(DD/ED box 147)

Stephen           M         Penelope AMPHLETT (by lic.)          Dec.2, 1830     Nunney

Stephen W.     M         Susanna YOUNG       Oct.9, 1821     Walton

Thomas (HARWIDGE)          C         Thomas + Jane Feb.11, 1759  Bath, St. James
Thomas   1851 Census           
Head wid. 53 carpenter & builder born Lullington
& family (see Clerkenwell, London)

William (HEDDITCH)           M         Elizabeth HOWELL   Mar.23, 1818   Kilmington
William                        Return of Owners of Land           1873
Address of Owner - Marsh Court, Wincanton
Extent of Lands - 7a 2r 13p

    Gross Estimated Rental - £58 10s

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