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  • L on S = Leigh-on-Sea

Apr.9, 1827:        “Old Mr. HARRIDGE escaped from all injury from his horse running away today, down Wickford Hill over the bridge, through the village and round the next corner by the blacksmith's, where some timber carts and carters assisted the progress of the horse. It was in a four wheeled chaise. The escape is a narrow one to a feeble, old man of 87. His servant is a strong powerful man but he lost all control of the horse.”
From the Diary of Jonas ASPLIN, Doctor of Prittlewell, 1826-28.

Albert Vivian   mar.    Olive Mary BECKMAN  Mar.27, 1948, at Hornchurch, St.
Albert Vivian   d.     Mar.28, 2007  Goodmayes Hospital, cremated Upminster,
ashes at St. Andrews Church, Hornchurch.

Anne (HEDICH)  bpt.  d/o William  Feb.8, 1590  Chelmsford
Ann (HERREDGE)  bpt.  d/o Thomas  Feb.4, 1610  Chelmsford
Ann  bpt.  d/o Edward  Aug.8, 1659  Chelmsford

Anna (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o David + Mary  Feb.19, 1764  Leigh on Sea

Anthony (HEDICH)  bpt.  s/o William  Jun.19, 1597  Chelmsford

Charlotte Timson (HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o Thomas + Susanna  Jan.5, 1784  L on S

Christian  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Martha  Sep.10, 1759  Kelvedon

Constance (HAWRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o William  Dec.25, 1619  Romford

Crisp Clayton (HARRIDGE)  bpt. s/o Crisp Molineux + Mary Ann  Jan.25, 1818

Crisp Molineux (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Susanna  Aug.3, 1788  L on S

Daniel (HEADG)  mar.  Rose BRADE  May 29, 1620  Colchester, St. Nicholas
Daniel  bpt. s/o William + Elizabeth  Sep.3, 1693  Wickham Bishops
Daniel  bpt. s/o William + Elizabeth  Nov.11, 1694 Wickham Bishops

David (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o John + Johanna  Apr.19, 1695  L on S
David (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Elizabeth DAVIE  Apr.11, 1721  L on S
David (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Elizabeth  Dec.2, 1730  L on S
David (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Mary MANDREY  1756            ?  (B.I. D/AEL)
David (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Mary  Aug.16, 1762  L on S
David (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Susanna  Jul.31, 1768  L on S
David (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Sarah DEELEY  1776                    ?         (B.I. D/ALL)
David (HARRIDGE) bpt.   s/o Thomas + Susanne   Aug.4, 1776  L on S
David (HARRIDGE) mar.   Judith KING            Jan.30, 1781  L on S     (B.I. D/AEL)
David (HARRIDGE) Esq.  mar.  Ann BAINES  1783     ?    (B.I. D/AEL)
David (HARRIDGE) mar.   Sarah MARSH       1784    ?     (B.I. D/AEL)
David (HARRIDGE) mar.   Ann GILLMAN     1801    ?     (B.I. D/AEL)
David (HARRIDGE)  mar.   Elizabeth WINK     1807    ?     (B.I. D/AEL)
David (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Isabella CARR         1811    ?     (B.I. D/AEL)
David (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Isabella  Oct.27, 1822  L on S
David (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Hannah BUSH      1823  Writtle
David (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Sophia CARTER    1827  Chelmsford

David Henry (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Emily EVENNETT       1849   ?   (B. I. D/AML)
David Henry (HARRIDGE) Will: Schoolmaster of Wareside, Herts. 
(Ref:632 BR36 Essex R.O.)

David Young (HARRIDGE)  bpt. s/o David + Sarah       1777  Prittlewell

Deborah  bpt.  d/o Thomas + Deborah  Nov.16, 1665  Fairsted
Deborah  bpt.  d/o Thomas + Deborah  Jul.16, 1669  Fairsted

Edmund  bpt.  s/o Thomas  Dec.8, 1695  Chelmsford

Edward (HEDICH)  bpt.  s/o Edward  Jul.13, 1592  Chelmsford
Edward  bpt.  s/o Edward  Jan.22, 1621  Chelmsford
Edward (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Elizabeth  Jul.21, 1725  L on S
Edward (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Sarah WAIGHT  1752    ?     (B.I. D/ALL)
Edward (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Susan PATMORE      1788  Great Easton

Eliza (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o David + Elizabeth  Oct.20, 1811  Rayleigh

Elizabeth (HEDICH)  mar.  Edward  Oct.1, 1598  Chelmsford
Elizabeth (HEREDG) mar.  Edward  Nov.1, 1618  Chelmsford
Elizabeth (HERRIDG)  bpt.  d/o ---  Mar.7, 1688  Wickham Bishops
Elizabeth (HERIDGE)  bpt.   d/o Thomas  Feb.6, 1693  Chelmsford
Elizabeth  mar.  John SPARROW  Jan.19, 1696  Wickham Bishops
Elizabeth  bpt.  d/o Thomas  Apr.29, 1698  Chelmsford
Elizabeth  mar.  John OFFEN   1716  Little Totham
Elizabeth HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o David  Aug.9, 1727  L on S
Elizabeth HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o  David + Elizabeth  Jan.30, 1733  L on S
Elizabeth (HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o  Thomas + Susanna  Dec.24, 1769  L on S
Elizabeth (HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o  Thomas + Susanna  Mar.25, 1772  L on S
Elizabeth (HARRIDGE)  mar.  George FITCH  1778  Gt. Dunmow
Elizabeth (HARRIDGE)  mar.  John WHITFIELD  Aug.22, 1779  L on S
Elizabeth  1871 Census, Ardleigh  w/o Shadrach 46 born Avistley (?)
Elizabeth  1871 Census, Ardleigh  d/o Shadrach + Elizabeth unm. 18 Teacher
born Avistley (?)

Ellen (HEDICH)  bpt. d/o William  Oct.8, 1594  Chelmsford

Esther (HERAGE)  mar.  Dan BELCHEM  Oct.24, 1667  Kelvedon

Frederick (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Charlotte M. WILSON  1831   ?   (B.I. D/AEL)
Frederick 1871 Census, Ardleigh  s/o Shadrach + Elizabeth 14 Scholar born Avistley (?)

George (HEREDGE)  bpt.  s/o Thomas  Mar.30, 1615  Chelmsford

Grace (HERREDGE)  bpt.  d/o Thomas  Jul.23, 1617  Chelmsford

Hannah (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o John + Mary  Jan.27, 1735  L on S
Hannah (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o David + Mary  Aug.7, 1761  L on S

Henry (HEDICH)  bpt.  s/o William  Oct.12, 1587  Chelmsford
Henry (HERIDGE)  mar.  Mary WARD  Mar.18, 1618  Lexden, St. Leonard
Henry (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Susanna  Jan.7, 1779  L on S

Henry Davey (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Susanna  Jan.5, 1781  L on S

Hester  bpt.  d/o William + Elizabeth  Jan.19, 1695  Wickham Bishops

Horace 1871 Census, Ardleigh  s/o Shadrach + Elizabeth 7 scholar born Ardleigh

Isaac (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Joan FLETCHER  1753  Little Stambridge
Isaac (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Susanna  May 26, 1785  L on S

Isabella (HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o David + Isabella  Oct.27, 1813  L on S

Jeoffery (HEDICH)  bpt.  s/o Edward  Sep.1, 1594  Chelmsford

Jeremiah (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Sarah  Jun.5, 1789  L on S
Jeremiah (HARRIDGE)  mar.              Susannah LAVENDER  1804  Prittlewell

Jeremiah Knight (HARRIDGE)  bpt. s/o  John + Susanna  Oct.11, 1778  L on S

Jillah (?)  1871 Census, Ardleigh  d/o Shadrach + Elizabeth unm. 17 teacher
b. Avistley (?)

Joan (HERIGE) – Will – (D/ABW 18/205) Tolleshunt D’Arcy 1558
Joan (HEDICH)  bpt.  d/o William  May 23, 1580  Chelmsford

Joanna (HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o  John + Mary  Nov.26, 1730  L on S

John (HERIDGE)  bpt.  s/o Thomas  Oct.6, 1607  Chelmsford
John  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Deborah  Dec.3, 1664  Fairsted
John  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Deborah  May 6, 1667  Fairsted
John  bpt.    s/o  ---  Jan.17, 1688  Wickham Bishops
John  bpt.  s/o William + Elizabeth  May 16, 1691  Wickham Bishops
John  mar.  Sarah BRIDGE  1707  Langford
John  mar.  Mary WARNER  1709  Widford
John  mar.  Sara FALSOM  1712  Hatfield Peveril
John (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Elizabeth  Feb.10, 1721  L on S
John – Will – yeoman (D/APWR 1/94) 1724 Writtle
John (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Mary SMITH  1727  Broomfield
John (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Hannah KNIGHT             1749  Eastwood
John (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Susannah PLATT              1774  Prittlewell
John (HARRIDGE)  bpt. s/o  John + Susanna  Oct.27, 1775  L on S
John (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Susanna  Jan.8, 1778  L on S
John (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Sarah  Jan.23, 1793  L on S
John (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  John + Sarah  Mar.20, 1825  L on S
John (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Jane LAW  1827    ?    (B.I. D/AEL)

Joseph  mar.  Martha MARSH  1670     ?        (B.I.)
Joseph  bpt.  s/o Thomas  Jan.8, 1701  Chelmsford
Joseph  mar.  Elizabeth PURCASS  1738  Great Wakering
Joseph  mar.  Hannah JENNINGS  1750        ?     (B.I. D/AEL)
Joseph – Will – carpenter (D/AER 34/116) 1758 Great Wakering

Kevin Albert   b. s/o Albert Vivian + Olive Mary  Feb.12, 1949  Romford

Louisa 1871 Census, Ardleigh  d/o Shadrach + Elizabeth 3 or 5 born Ardleigh

Margreat  bpt. d/o  ---   Sep.7, 1651  Chelmsford

Maria (HERREDGE)  bpt. d/o Thomas  Feb.24, 1614  Chelmsford

Marie (HERREDGE)  bpt.  d/o William  Jan.6, 1610  Chelmsford
Marie (HERREDGE)  bpt.  d/o Thomas  Feb.24, 1614  Chelmsford
Marie (HERRIDG)  mar.  Samuel BROWNE  Apr.14, 1623  Colchester, St. Nicholas

Martha  bpt.  d/o Jos. + Martha  Nov.30, 1671  Fairsted
Martha bpt.  “Adult Christening”  Mar.15, 1748  Kelvedon

Mary (HEDICH)  bpt.  d/o Edward  Jun.2, 1591  Chelmsford
Mary (HEDICH)  bpt.  d/o William  Jul.5, 1592  Chelmsford
Mary  bpt.  d/o Thomas  Mar.19, 1689  Chelmsford
Mary  mar.  William POOLE  1702  Writtle
Mary (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Robert MARTIN              1712  L on S
Mary (HERREDGE)  mar.  Robert SKINNER  1721  Romford
Mary (HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o  David + Elizabeth  Apr.8, 1723  L on S
Mary (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o David + Elizabeth  Aug.11, 1737  L on S
Mary (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Thomas MATTHEWS  1748  Southchurch
Mary (HERREDGE)  bpt.  d/o Thomas + Martha  Mar.25, 1749  Kelvedon
Mary (HARRIDGE  bpt.  d/o David + Mary  Sep.30, 1757  L on S
Mary  mar.  Abraham CHOTE  Aug.12, 1764  Southminster
Mary (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o Thomas + Susannah  Jul.22, 1767       L on S
Mary (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Cavel BRIGGS  1776  Prittlewell
Mary (HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o  John + Susanna  Mar.2, 1777  L on S
Mary (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o David + Sarah  May 1, 1796  L on S
Mary (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o David + Elizabeth  Mar.18, 1821  Rayleigh

Olive Mary  (nee BECKMAN) b. d/o Alexander & Elizabeth (nee SHELDRAKE)
Aug.28, 1925, Canning Town

Priscilla (HERREDGE)  bpt.  d/o Edward  Jan.6, 1624  Chelmsford
Priscilla (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Richard WOOD  Nov.15, 1713  Southminster

Prudence (HEDICH)  bpt.  d/o William  Jun.5, 1593  Chelmsford

Richard (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o John + Johanna  Dec.28, 1703  L on S

Richard Bush (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Hannah  Mar.23, 1824  Rayleigh

Robert (HEDICH)   bpt.   s/o William   Mar.14, 1585  Chelmsford

Samuel (HARRIDGE)  bpt. s/o  Samuel + Margaret  Mar.12, 1784  Rayleigh

Sarah (HERREDGE)  bpt.  d/o Edward  Jan.28, 1616  Chelmsford
Sarah  bpt.  d/o Thomas  May 1, 1642  Faulkbourne
Sarah  bpt. d/o  Thomas + Deborah  Apr.23, 1663  Fairsted
Sarah  mar.  Daniel OSSUMBROOKE  Oct.25, 1681  Fairsted
Sarah  bpt.  d/o Thomas  Jan.17, 1685  Chelmsford
Sarah  mar. d/o  John TAVERNER  Apr.14, 1698  Writtle
Sarah  mar.  Isaac SHED  1711  Langford
Sarah  bpt.  d/o John  Jun.6, 1777  Hornchurch
Sarah (HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o  David + Sarah  Jul.25, 1790  L on S
Sarah (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o David + Isabella  Apr.4, 1817  L on S

Sarah Law (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o John + Jane  Mar.24, 1833  Shenfield

Shadrach 1871 Census, Railway Tavern, Ardleigh (RG 10 1682 fol 36):
Shadrach h m 48 licenced victualler born Avistley (?), Essex
Elizabeth w m 46 born Avistley (?), Essex
Elizabeth d u 18 teacher born Avistley (?), Essex
Jillah (?) d u 17 teacher born Avistley (?), Essex
Frederick s 14 scholar born Avistley (?), Essex
William s 11 scholar born Avistley (?), Essex
Shadrach s 9 scholar born Ardleigh, Essex
Horace s 7 scholar born Ardleigh, Essex
Louisa d 3 or 5 born Ardleigh, Essex

Shadrach  1871 Census, Ardleigh  s/o Shadrach + Elizabeth 9 Scholar born Ardleigh

Sharon Lynn  d/o Albert Vivian + Olive Mary b. Apr.3, 1955 Rainham
Sharon Lynn  bpt. ?  d/o Albert & Olive   Hornchurch, St. Andrews
Sharon Lynn mar. Mark COSSEY, electrician  Jul.26, 1975  Hornchurch, St. Andrews 

Sophia (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  d/o Thomas + Susanna  Jan.10, 1782  L on S

Susanna (HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o  Thomas + Susanna  Feb.17, 1771  L on S
Susanna (HARRIDGE)  b.  d/o David + Elizabeth  Oct.12, 1808  Rayleigh
Susannah (HARRIDGE)  mar.  John JEFFRIES  1810  Prittlewell
Susannah (HARRIDGE)  bpt.            d/o  David + Isabella  Oct.27, 1822  L on S

Teresa Jones (HARRIDGE)  bpt. d/o  Thomas + Susanna  Apr.8, 1784  L on S

Theresa (HARRIDGE)  mar.  James FORD  Nov.9, 1802  Rayleigh

Thomas (HEDICH)  bpt.  s/o Edward  Oct.1, 1598  Chelmsford
Thomas (HERIDGE)  mar.  Deborah PRICE  Mar.8, 1658  Faulkbourne
Thomas  mar.  Deborah PRICE  Feb.23, 1659  Terling
Thomas  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Deborah  Apr.23, 1663  Fairsted
Thomas  mar.  Elizabeth GIGLIN  Jan.21, 1684  Chelmsford
Thomas (EURIDG)  mar.  ElIzabeth BROWNE  Jan.29, 1686  Walthamstow
Thomas  bpt. s/o  Thomas         Nov.22, 1686  Chelmsford
Thomas  bpt.  s/o William + Elizabeth  Sep.3, 1693  Wickham Bishops
Thomas (HARRIDGE)  bpt. s/o  David + Elizabeth  Sep.1, 1740  L on S
Thomas  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Martha  Apr.21, 1745      Kelvedon
Thomas (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Susannah GURNETT Oct.15, 1765  L on S
Thomas (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o Thomas + Susanna  Jun.15, 1773  L on S
Thomas (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Sarah  Jan.23, 1793  L on S
Thomas (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Susan GIBSON  1799                           ?         (B.I. D/ALL)
Thomas (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Elizabeth  Oct.16, 1810  Rayleigh
Thomas (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Elizabeth  Nov.19, 1813  Rayleigh

William (HEDICH)  mar.  Mary BROWNE  Oct.24, 1586  Chelmsford
William  bpt.  s/o Thomas  Sep.27, 1612  Chelmsford
William (HEREDGE)  bpt. s/o Thomas  Jul.28, 1616  Chelmsford
William (HAWRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o William  Apr.8, 1621  Romford
William  mar.  Joane HUMPHREY  Aug.9, 1643  Widford
Will  mar.  Elizabeth FULLER  1685  Wickham Bishops
William  bpt.  s/o ---  Jul.20, 1686  Wickham Bishops
William  mar.  Martha AUSTEN  1715  Danbury
William (HARRIDGE)  bpt. s/o  John + Mary  Dec.9, 1734  L on S
William (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o John  Feb.2, 1736  L on S
William (HARRIDGE)  mar.  Ann BELL  1779  Henham
William (HARRIDGE)  bpt.  s/o David + Sarah  Jul.29, 1794  L on S

William  1871 Census, Ardleigh  s/o Shadrach + Elizabeth 11 scholar born Avistley (?)


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