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The Herridge Collection - Berkshire

Here will be all the information collected by Kevin Herridge from the County of Berkshire, England

Headach A-C
Headach D-E
Headach F
Headach G-I
Headach J
Headach John (only)
Headach K-M
Headach P-R
Headach S
Headach T
Headach U-V
Headach W
Headach Misc.

Herridge A
Herridge B-C
Herridge D-E
Herridge G-I
Herridge Ja
Herridge J-K
Herridge L
Herridge Mar.
Herridge Mary (only)
Herridge P-R
Herridge S
Herridge T
Herridge V-W
Herridge Misc.

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